What the heck is this blog about???

Culture! It's like jam they say, the less you have of it, the more you spread it... Well, this is about getting more jam in stock, so that we don't get short of any when we need it. Ok, i mean, i want to build some biomimicry culture: showing good biomimicry cases so that when we have a challenge, we have material to inspire us for solutions!

In my experience it's hard to find a blog that makes biomimicry both fun and easy to understand and i want to fill that gap. 

I intend to introduce to you, in a casual way, various examples of biomimicry. I'll be taking either a specific challenge and exploring what solution Nature offers to solve it, or a fascinating organism and analysing what challenges it solves and how.

I'll do my best to keep most of the geeky scientific jargon out, but don't worry, i'll always put a few links in the posts so you can dig into the more technical aspects if you wish!

This is intended to serve YOU! Serve US all actually! I'm a life-long learner and possess by no means the absolute truth about all the organisms i'll be discussing here! So i welcome any comments on the posts that contribute to the content. That also means skepticism and criticism if you have any, it makes for a healthy discussion! And don't hesitate to suggest new topics you want me to write about!

Hope you'll enjoy reading those posts and don't hesitate to give me feedback so i can improve their quality!