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we're always Having fun with some insightful exercise!

we're always Having fun with some insightful exercise!

2018, June 14th: Co-facilitating a Circulab workshop with Phoebe Blackburn as part of the 3 day Baltic Eco-Design event hosted by the Berlin International Design Centre (IDZ), at EUREF, Berlin, Germany


Since April 2018: Powerhouse Høvik - Consulting on the world's first private house to be certified Powerhouse. Tasks involve scouting and advising on technologies that can contribute in achieving the Powerhouse goal, designing the garden and greenhouse and evaluating their synergies with the house, its climate and energy bill. Architecture and Engineering by Snøhetta and Asplan Viak.

Since January 2018: Gruten - Building Norway's first mushroom farming on coffee grounds facility at Vollebekk Fabrikker, Oslo. Tasks include:

  • Design, engineering and modification of the shipping containers used as farm.
  • Contribution to application writing for funding
  • Advising on operations and business model to make them sustainable

Since 2017: Nexus Farms - A circular solution for urban farming. Managing the Norwegian project. Current tasks involve:

  • Looking for funding streams
  • Adapting the business model to Norwegian market conditions
  • Working on setting up the pilot facility by end 2018 beginning 2019


2018, February 16th and 19th: Running a biomimicry workshop for Product Design students (Master I) at AHO, Oslo, Norway

2018, February 7th: Facilitating an introduction to biomimicry for Retail Design students (Bachelor) at Westerdals, Oslo, Norway

2018, January 27-28th: Participating to the Oslo Met seminar on reshaping the Product Design Masters Program

2018, January 16-19th: Attending with Gruten a 3-day seminar by BeyondCoffee on building a mushroom farming on coffee grounds facility, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017, October - November: Teaching a 5 week module on Sustainable Design Approaches for Product Design students (Masters I) at HiOA/OsloMet, Kjeller, Norway

2017, October 26th: Circular Futures half-day seminar co-facilitated with EGGS Design and Pure Consult at DogA

2017, October 6th: Half-day Circulab seminar on behalf of OREEC for Renovasjonsetaten on redesigning waste collection stations and including new circular economy inspired services, Oslo, Norway

April 2016 - April 2017: Co-design of the biomimicry exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Oslo, Norway


2016, September 13th: Demonstrating a "Robotic Stilt Boot for a Pepsi commercial" at Innovation Residency Summit in cooperation with HOOS Design Labs in Kongsberg. See flyer for details.

2016, July 1st: Co-facilitating a Circulab workshop at Biomim'Expo, Senlis, France

2016, June 25-30th: Participating to workshop Biomimicry for Social Innovation, Westelbeers, Netherlands

2016, June 20th: co-facilitating a Circulab workshop for L'Oréal, Paris, France

2016, June 7th: Organising a free workshop at the Naturhistorisk Museum (NHM), Oslo

2016, June 2nd: Co-organizing a Circulab workshop for Idées Alsace with the Circulab Network in Ribeauvillé, France

2016, May 12th: 30min speech at NIVA, Oslo, Norway

2016, April 29th: Opening exhibition on biomimicry at the Naturhistorisk Museum (NHM), collaboration between NHM and BiomimicryNorway, Oslo, Norway

2016, April 28th: Organizing a Circulab workshop for PURE Consulting - Theme: packaging

2016, April 13th: Speaking at Design Biomimicry Pop Up, Milano Design Week

2016, April 11-12th: Participating in Biomimicry Consultancy Facilitation workshop with the European Biomimicry Alliance, Brussels, Belgium

2016, March 30th: 45min speech at Frokost hos Kristine, Universitet i Oslo, Norway

2016, March 16th: Organised a Circulab workshop at HOOS Innovation Center, Oslo, Norway

2016, March 13th: Organised a free workshop at the Naturhistorisk Museum (NHM), Oslo - 17 attendants

2016, March 8th: Co-facilitated a Circulab workshop at Resource Event, London, UK

2015, November 25th-26th: Certification for workshop animation using the circular economy game Circulab by Wiithaa

2015, November 6th-9th: Attending the European Biomimicry Alliance's Biomimicry Practionners' gathering in Mallorca, Spain

2015, October 16th: Michel Wolfstirn - Keynote speaker at Oslo Innovation Week - Just Make It

2015, October 13th: Organising an open brainstorming evening to participate in the Carlsberg Green Challenge by using biomimicry

2015, October 5th-6th: Organising a two-day workshop for HiOA Product Design Masters students, Kjeller, Norway

2015, September 29th: Organising a Meetup workshop for product designers on Challenge to Biology biomimicry, Oslo, Norway

2015, September 22nd: Organising a Meetup workshop for product designers on Biology to Design biomimicry, Oslo, Norway

2015, September 10th: Presented at Pecha Kucha Nights vol.35, DogA, Oslo, Norway - See video here

2015, June 5th-7th: Attended the European Biomimicry Alliance's plenary meeting in Brussels, Belgium

2015, March 19th: Organised a free 2h biomimicry introduction workshop at MESH - 27 attendants, Oslo, Norway

2014, December 1st-6th: Attended a 1 week biomimicry workshop by Biomimicry 3.8 in Costa Rica

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