Feeling like biomimicry could be something for your company, school or university? Need an introduction to the principles of biomimicry and how it could be beneficial for you? We provide in-person presentations on the biomimicry methodology and practice. Get in touch and we’ll tailor the presentation to your needs!


You have challenges and would like to see how biomimicry could help you solving them? Hire a consultant!


You want to scratch a bit more than the surface, get interactive and have practical demonstration of the power of biomimicry? Get in touch so we can build an workshop adapted to your needs!

Nature does not produce waste, or rather, waste produced by one organism is food for another. Discover the power of the circular economy and with our workshops see how your company can save money by reducing waste, managing resources differently and designing products and services in a better way. We are certified in using the smart game Circulab developed by Wiithaa.

Immersion courses

Let's get out of the office and check out for ourselves what Nature has to offer! We'll chose a destination in Norway that offers strategies from Nature that are relevant to your field and challenges. We will explore Nature through some outdoor activities with the help of a biologist, and do workshops on practicing biomimicry. Think 'hyttetur' spiced up with biomimicry!