Presentations/keynotes - An introduction to biomimicry and the circular economy.

"If you want to build a flotilla of ships, you don't sit around and talk about carpentry. No, you need to set people's souls ablaze with visions, exploring, and distant shores."   - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Key note speeches focus on encouraging audience members to share the vision of what is possible with biomimicry and circular economy thinking based on real world success stories that are applicable to the audiences interest. 

Keynote speech example at The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture courtesy of Aftenposten.


Workshops engage participants via interaction with biomimicry and/or circular economy principles. Workshops are offered as either standard or custom tailored to solve specific challenges for clients. 

We offer workshops to the following three groups: 

  • Corporate and industrial clients.
  • Public and non-profit institutions.  
  • Educational institutions.

Workshops can range from 2h to multiple days and can be tailored to the customer's business.

Biomimicry Workshops

Biomimicry workshops can be offered in following formats:

  • 2 hour basic introduction to biomimicry
  • Half day advanced introduction to biomimicry thinking
  • Full day or multiple day - Themed workshops on the client's industry and challenges. Hands-on biomimicry practice resulting in several concepts of solutions.
  • Design Charette - Advanced brainwriting/brainstorming on a defined challenge from the client. Outcome: list of viable design ideas to explore further and prototype.

Circulab Workshops

BiomimicryNorway is part of the Circulab Network and as such is able to offer workshops on the circular economy using the Circulab Game. This tool based on the Business Model Canvas allows an organization to map its business situation and generate new ideas, either at the business model or the product level, to close the gap towards sustainability. 

Circulab workshops can be offered in following format:

  • 2.5 hour session - Introduction to the circular economy with Circulab, using either an independent case or a case relevant to the client's industry
  • 2.5 hour advanced workshop using a concrete case from the client (requires upfront working sessions with the customer)
  • Circulab Challenge - Three sessions from the game to prototyping 

Past workshops with the Circulab Network have been facilitated for instance for L'Oréal at the higher management level.

Examples of the workshop building blocks : Standard biomimicry workshop and the circular economy game Circulab

Seminars and Immersion Workshops


Seminars and immersion workshops are 5 day events designed to solve challenges at the enterprise or constellation level. For example, finding concrete solutions for clusters, supply chains, and communities or regions. An example, of such a seminar is detailed here

Consulting - Biomimicry and circular economy for innovation across your organization(s).

Our team offers expertise in engineering, design, strategy, business model, social innovation, policy and organizational design made better via biomimicry, sustainable and circular economy based thinking. Via dialogue between your organization and ours it is hoped we will achieve a common vision for a sustainable future for Norway and beyond. 


Since April 2018: Powerhouse Høvik - Consulting on the world's first private house to be certified Powerhouse. Tasks involve scouting and advising on technologies that can contribute in achieving the Powerhouse goal, designing the garden and greenhouse and evaluating their synergies with the house, its climate and energy bill. Architecture and Engineering by Snøhetta and Asplan Viak.

Since January 2018: Gruten - Building Norway's first mushroom farming on coffee grounds facility at Vollebekk Fabrikker, Oslo. Tasks include:

  • Design, engineering and modification of the shipping containers used as farm.
  • Contribution to application writing for funding
  • Advising on operations and business model to make them sustainable

Since 2017: Nexus Farms - A circular solution for urban farming. Managing the Norwegian project. Current tasks involve:

  • Looking for funding streams
  • Adapting the business model to Norwegian market conditions
  • Working on setting up the pilot facility by end 2018 beginning 2019

Booking and Inquiries

To book or inquire about any of our services please contact us here.